My own exotic trees of Christmases past and present...

...Flukenator style.

I thought that maybe I could spread some Christmas joy to all you wonderful visitors - since this is the season and all for doing that.

Then I realized I was pretty lame at doing stuff like that, so I lowered the expectations of myself to something attainable, and I'm gonna put up some pics of some of the old Christmas trees that have graced the Starbucker Household over the years...

First, a simple one before our family hit it big in the boysenberry, whistleberry & dingleberry farming business:

Once we had hit the big time, we felt we were moving up the ladder of success, so the next Christmas, we upgraded:

Within a year of developing genetically modified whistleberry vines, we were really able to afford to bring home the expanding universe's advanced technologies, and so our tree followed along:

Then, dad made a very important discovery. He could make money from Spam, so:

BUt then dad got lynched in a massive shakedown. Turns out Spammers are hated across the universe.

So, ever since dad's been out of the picture, I've been able to put the Christmas focus where it truly needed to be all along:

Merry Christmas, everybody!
Starbucker Out


Carmi said...

Dropped by from Michele's to thank you for making me laugh uncontrollably. This is a delightfully funny post, and one that reminds us that diversity is to be cherished.

I never knew trees could be so varied!

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

This post made me laugh uncotrolably as well.

No wait, that was the dog licking my foot.

ANyway, I love some of those Christmas trees, maybe I can come over and help you build one of those later ones next year.

Sara said...

Hey, thanks for visiting from Michele's...love these trees! I laughed...thought they were great!

Have great holidays.

Mike said...

What a wonderful collection of trees. Especially the spam tree.

Michele sent me

graceunderautism said...

Michele sent me over to take a look at those awesome trees. Thanks for a little bed time laugh.

Lt. Cmdr Oneida said...

And instead of throwing away a tree, you could cash in all the bottles for the 5cent deposit. But only in NY,MA,CT,CA,VT and some other tree hugging deposit giving states

Dr. Zaius said...

Hey! I had one of those beer trees on my blog too! Merry Christmas, Fluke!